A new DMR Repeater for West Devon....

Ham DMR repeater



If there's one thing missing in Devon and Cornwall, it's a Ham DMR repeater.

OK so it may not look quite like this but we have decided to go for a more subtle "camoflaged" approach.




r0 0 917 1181 w1200 h678 fmax

 .... is it G6BJJ's Bongo or NASA mission control? 



But rather like this ================>





Dragons head meet our new repeater keeper and guardian!

West Devon Raynet is joining with Cornwall Raynet to set up and provide Devon & Cornwalls first active dedicated amateur radio DMR repeater, to join the ever growing network of DMR repeaters around the UK and the world.

Full details of the project and the actual location are not being published in full yet, other than to say it will be on Dartmoor (somewhere) and is hoped to cover the West Devon and East Cornwall area.

Our biggest problem, apart from getting "Mint Sauce" the sheep to stand still whilst we all use the thing... is nailing & glueing all the bits together and weather proofing them to keep the Dartmoor summer blizzards and monsoons at bay.

Update 18/8/18:

GB7RD is now licenced and will be starting the first tests this next week. Initially it will be working in a "Stand-alone" mode for the tests.

Details for GB7RD are

TS1 (local) TG9 Colour Code 3, Rx 439.6875 Tx 430.6875

TS2 (link) TG's not yet activated whilst on initial tests but will again become Colour Code 3, Rx 439.6875 Tx 430.6875 

GB7RD has now joined and is part of the Devon & Cornwall Repeater Group.

Watch this space for more information.