Did You Know

All emergency service’s radio, telephone and computer systems use telephone lines and exchanges…In the past these lines have been    

vulnerable to flooding and extreme weather, often cutting emergency communication links for days at a time… (I.e. Boscastle & Gloucester floods…)

At a major incident mobile phone links have been found to become overloaded and no longer work…

In extreme weather, telephones and transmitter masts are often damaged and it can take weeks to repair. In the aftermath of ‘Michael Fish’s’ Hurricane, some masts and lines were out of action for several weeks…

During the total solar eclipse, and the London Bombings, so many people were trying to use the mobile and telephone network that emergency services traffic and 999 calls were unable to get through.


The Civil Contingencies Act came into law in November 2004, replacing all the UK's old emergency powers legislation, much of which was drawn up in the 1920’s!    RAYNET is one of the voluntary organisations mentioned in the Act, recognising the value of our service and the total flexibility we offer.

And yet….

Raynet is a voluntary organisation; we get no funding from the Government, Local Authorities or the emergency services. Volunteers fund their own equipment, maps, etc. often to the tune of several hundreds of pounds, if not more.

Time and again, RAYNET has shown that it is the only organisation that can put together a local, national or even international communications system, during a disaster, or communications failure within a short time, and provide trained personnel to operate it.


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