The year 2015/2016 this was once again a significant one for Raynet in general and this group in particular as the continued implementation of the new legislation, continues to take effect. From the Raynet point of view this is very significant in that our ‘user services’ have a statutory duty to not only liaise with us but also to actively keep us informed of developments and to take on board our comments and concerns. Much of this work has involved myself, Kevan G1LOE, Roger 2E0RPH , Brian M0OZJ and John G1SQI in trips to Wells, Taunton and Cornwall on several occasions to make and hear presentations, many of which have been hosted by EPO’s and the Regional Resilience Teams. This work is on-going and many future sessions are planned.

Amongst our events this last year were the usual Lions Walk, Carriage drives, PFM and Goose Fair, and the annual Exercise ICE.  In addition members from West Devon Raynet have attended various events in North Devon and Cornwall to assist at other Raynet duties. This did however mean a very intensive time during the latter 3 months of the year. Once again I would like to add a very special a deeply appreciated thank you to all the xyl’s and families who were so understanding at this time.

I would like to pay particular thanks to Kevan G1LOE who has continued to take on the role of Deputy Controller, Roger 2E0RPH as Training Coordinator, Brian M0OZJ asa Membership Officer and John G1SQI as treasurer. They have all done an excellent job and I and the group could not manage without their dedication and assistance. The local Foundation Licence class, run by myself with the assistance of Kevan G1LOE, Derrick 2E0ZRM and John G1SQI, has had to be again put on hold unfortunately due to my other commitments although we did manage to run a course for Debbie our EPO at Plymouth City Council. This was a great success and further courses are planned.

Once again I have been active with SWRA, the body to represent all RAYNET groups throughout the SW and for my sins have been re-appointed as Deputy Co-ordinator for the Zone. This year  Chris G8RXA the Zone Cooordinator will be stood down inspite of all requests to stay, he has been in place for over 20 years since taking over from me in 1993. Sadly shortly afterwards whiklst on a well deserved holiday he passed away peacefully in the night. We send all our love and best wishes to Jill his xyl. His role has been taken over by the new ZC7 Gill Whitehead

Cash flow has been tight again this year. Many events have been either postponed or reduced in size, however I am pleased to say that due to your incredible efforts we have made a small but significat operating surplus this year, thank you..

What of the future?  After great frustration, the problems with the data system at Windsor House have finally been located and solved.  A duff cable connection/ miswired pin. This has now been rectified and is working. Ongoing work on the training program is in progress with a replacement for EasyPal which was proving problematical due to it’s incredible sensitivity to settings. A solution within the new FLDigi suite FSQ, has been found idea and is being explored.

As part of my role as  Group Controller and SWRA Deputy Coordinator, you may be aware that I have written the training program for the data systems we now use across the SW. This training package is now being adopted by groups/zones across the UK as the standard training package and format. In addition, The SWRA controllers as a whole had become increasingly angry and disillusioned at the lack of progress in the production of a national Raynet training manual over the last 15 years. In a rash moment I had offered to produce an SWRA version. On behalf of the other controllers within Zone 7 anger at this unacceptable delay was expressed at the National AGM, and it was ask if I would join with the new national training officer to roll out a new scheme. I regret to say that although I accepted this offer, I was contact only once by Charlie Duncan GM6MUZ, but no further progress has been made. A critical Article was written for Ray~link, but was pulled on the instructions of the National Chair, Cathy Clarke at the last minute and an abbreviated version used. Meanwhile The SWRA training program continues to be circulated and used as the default scheme both nationally and I am pleased to say two other international organisations, plus feedback from the US, Austaralia and Canada.

I would also like to extend my special appreciation and thanks to your long suffering and very supportive partners and families, whose support have allowed the group to provide the service that it does often at comparatively short notice, and lastly but by no means least to you, the committee and members of West Devon Raynet. Your hard work, support and sheer professionalism have now been recognised not just locally, but regionally and nationally as a standard in excellence, performance and commitment.

Thank you.

Ian Harley  -  G6BJJ, Controller.