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on 12/06/2017

We regret the main Raynet server is down for a major service and rebuild. Unfortunately this is taking a bit long than we would like. It is hoped to have the new supa-dupa, all singing & dancing new one up and running as soon as possible. Unfortunately this means all the xxx{at}raynet-uk.net addresses are off-line for the moment, please use the local links for now.


Important changes to Blue Badge parking in Plymouth.

Charges Apply from 1 April 2017

From Saturday 1 April 2017 parking charges will apply to Blue Badge holders within all Plymouth City Council car parks.

In pay and display car parks, Blue Badge holders will receive an additional hour of parking on top of any time purchased, so if you purchase two hours you will be allowed to park for three hours.  If a Blue Badge holder pays for the maximum permitted time within a maximum stay car park (e.g. pay for three hours in Courtenay Street car park), the Blue Badge holder will still receive an additional hour free (so in the above example you could stay for four hours). Please be aware that you are still required to display a valid Blue Badge at all times.

No Changes to On-Street Parking

The above changes only affect pay and display car parks.  There are no changes to on-street parking.  A Blue Badge holder may still park within any on-street pay and display bay without payment and on single or double yellow lines for up to three hours (except where there is a ban on loading or unloading) with a badge and clock correctly displayed.

Any Questions?

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring 01752 304021 for further information.

New Unified Raynet Service up and running
Following the talks and agreement between the 2 arms of Raynet (Network and RSGB affiliated) the new Unified service came into being on 1/1/2017.
The new amalgamated organisation will be known as RAYNET-UK. A new logo and management structure is being finalised to take effect shortly, as some groups will require time to amend their constitutions etc.
Regional organisations are also being renamed to fall in line with the national identity, Here in the South West the new organistaion will be known as RAYNET - SOUTH WEST (WWW.raynet-southwest.uk)
New Agreement signed with the RSGB
At the RAYNET AGM, Cathy Clark G1GQJ, Chairman of the Radio Amateur's Emergency Network and RSGB President Nick Henwood G3RWF signed the agreement between the two organisations, for the reunification of RAYNET operations, from January 1st, 2017. Once the formalities associated with the change of name to RAYNET-UK are finalised, the merging of the emergency communications groups currently with the RSGB into this new entity will begin. 

This brought some 3 years of negotiation and discussion, undertaken by members of the Network Committee of Management and the RSGB Emergency Communications Committee, to a conclusion, with the creation of a single structure for UK amateur emergency communications.

Cathy Clark G1GQJ referred to the overwhelming support of all RAYNET members, in looking to strengthen the public face of RAYNET and provide a unified representation to the User Services.

Peter Thomson GM1XEA, ECC Chairman said " This has been a historic day in finally having a unified RAYNET structure again within the UK" He also thanked the members of the Emergency Communications Committee, the Joint Working Group and the Network Committee of Management for their work to achieve this.

 Raynet Training Manuals    

As part of his role with the S.W. Raynet Associations Data Working Group, Ian G6BJJ has written a series of Training and explanation manuals for the use of Data modes by Raynet in the South West. Particular thanks go to the late Mike Sloan, GU3WHN (former RAYNET Controller Bailiwick of Guernsey), and Nick Johnson 2E0NRJ of Exeter Amateur Radio Society, for their assistance. (These are available to members through the SWRA website.)


In addition, following discussions at the recent SWRA Zone Controllers meeting over a lack of progress in the national scheme, Ian has prepared a set of new and updated Training manuals for use by all SWRA members. He was assisted in this by Chris Sheridan, M0AZQ from Wilts Raynet. The modules are ready and available now via the SW Raynet Association site.