Raynet Volunteers in Action

In 1953, Radio Amateurs voluntarily assisted during the storms and flooding of the East Coast of England, providing the only working links to shipping in the North Sea and communication across much of East Anglia, when the storms knocked out the radio and telephone links. The following year agreement was reached with the UK licensing authorities that RAYNET could pass messages on behalf of a third party, normally not permitted under the amateur license, for specified 'User Services'. Today the list of our users services include:-

UK Police forces,

Fire Brigades 

Ambulance Services 

St John Ambulance 

British Red Cross 

Local and County Civil Protection Officers and the


Much of our time is spent at events on Dartmoor. The photo is of our Incident Support Unit (ISU) during the annual Lions Dartmoor Marathon Walk when we assist the local Mountain Rescue Group, (DARTMOOR RESCUE), with the safety cover for the competitors. We cover some of the busiest sections on the southern part of the moor South of the Road from Tavistock to Ashburton, and tend to find that we deal with a fair number of incidents, being the furtherest points from the start and finish.

We also cover long distance cycle events around the moor supporting St John Ambulance and the Red Cross.

On the next pages are some more insights into our work in support of the emergency services and the community.


Raynet at Tavistock Goose Fair

Raynet on Night Walk