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Who are we, and what do we do?               17/2/2020,


has provided communications support for the 'blue light' and other specified user services as laid down in the Wireless Telegraphy and Civil Contingencies Acts, in support of the community at disasters and local emergencies when storms, blizzards, floods, search & rescue missions, oil spills and radio & telephone failures have required additional communications facilities.

Incidents such as:-

Ten Tors, 'Rose Bay' & 'Sea Empress' Oil Spills, Fastnet Race

Total Solar Eclipse, Barbican Floods


Community shows and events, Tavistock Goose Fair, Plymouth & Dartmoor Marathons

Plymouth Air Days, Plymouth Lord Mayors Shows, Night Walks 

RAYNET Members...


Come from all walks of life. they bring with them a range of talents, not just in the field of communications, but also in logistics, planning, incident management, electronics and much, much more.



All members...


Give freely of their time and equipment for the benefit of the community. Often funding the cost of their own equipment, clothing, maps etc. to the tune of several hundreds or even thousands of pounds.



How RAYNET is funded...

and yet we get no finacial help from the emergency services, local or national government. We rely entirely on donations, mainly from the organisers of the public events we attend, whilst working alongside one or more of our 'user services' (we are a registered charity, No. 1069748). However we are urgently seeking  assistance from individuals and local organisation who could help or sponsor us.  Could you be one of them? Could you help us support our community?


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               Reg Charity No: 1069748